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I came to Ira Subaru for a second opinion after having...

I came to Ira Subaru for a second opinion after having issues with my transmission. A local garage quoted me $2,200 + labor to fix it, and I was just hoping to verify the problem and get another estimate. I worked with Yvonne, and she went MASSIVELY above and beyond to help me out. She got the problem diagnosed correctly, did some more research, and found it was all covered under a warranty I didn't realize I had! Not only that, she got me a loaner to drive around while the repair was being done, so there was no disruption to my daily life. Yvonne single-handedly made what I assumed would be an arduous, expensive ordeal into a pleasant walk in the park. Incredible, extraordinary experience!

Customer: SGarland
Date: 2021-07-21
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