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The Dukes of Hazzard made driving off a cliff look fun, easy, and cool. You know why? Stunt drivers and multiple takes. Oh, and Hollywood magic. In real life, if you and your hot wheels attempt this slick maneuver and survive, chances are both of you will need long-term treatment.

For your car, the ER is the Service Department at Sterling McCall Toyota in Houston, Texas. Our team of automotive experts serves as doctors, nurses, and emergency technicians for your Toyota. We can repair any kind of fix your car needs, from a simple air filter change to body work. We're also trained to find issues before they become problems, so we can give you diagnostics for the parts that need it on the spot. Plus, our work is guaranteed for a specified time frame, so you can drive away knowing that your Toyota is in better shape than it was before.

Don't let "Woo hoo!" turn into "Uh-oh!" Bring your Toyota right into the Service Department at Sterling McCall Toyota. We'll get your car out running on the road again in no time.