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Houston ISD November Teacher of the Month - An Inspiration to All

Teacher of the Month

To say the 2020 school year has been different and challenging would be an understatement, but that did not stop Group 1 Automotive and Sterling McCall VIP Services November HISD Teacher of the Month recipient, Molly Lashway for giving it her all. To celebrate her hard work, Sterling McCall Ford surprised Lashway with a 2020 Ford Edge for her to drive throughout the holiday season and gift package.

Described by her colleagues as an inspirational 5th grade teacher, Molly Lashway began at Walnut Bend Elementary in 2013. Over the last seven years she has been guiding her students through understanding complex literature comprehension, while using metacognition for analysis. She has even made her love for reading and enthusiasm contagious to her students and their parents.

Teacher of the Month

Her work inside the classroom took a new role during the pandemic, but Lashway amazed and inspired parents throughout this year’s interactive learning with patience, creativity, compassion, and love. Personally, Lashway has spent two years fighting a rare cancer, yet her diligence has never set her back to support her students. Through desire and commitment to positively impact the next generation, and while being under careful watch of MD Anderson, she continues to provide phenomenal learning experiences to push her students to learn in an advanced nature.

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