Group 1 Automotive


Why Sell To Us?

Why Sell to Us?

1. Why Sell Us Your Car?
We value quality trade-in vehicles and are eager to keep our pre-owned inventory well stocked. Consequently, we offer top-dollar prices and cash when owners sell us their cars, and we will compensate you for your vehicle through bank draft or wire transfer.

When you sell your car to Group 1 Automotive, you will enjoy a hassle-free experience that will save you time and money by not having to fix up your car, purchase expensive advertising or show and sell your vehicle to a stranger.

2. How Does Selling Work?
Bring your vehicle to our nearest dealership location and receive a free, written Appraisal and Commitment to Purchase.

3. How Much Is My Vehicle Worth?
Use the following link to estimate the value of your vehicle. Kelley Blue Book is recognized as a leading national source of used vehicle pricing. To use this tool, describe your vehicle and its reconditioning needs as accurately as possible. The estimator will then help you determine an approximate Trade-In Value. When you arrive at our location to sell or trade in your car, you may accompany our appraiser, who will explain how your car is being evaluated.